Poser freebies, background images and PNG tubes


For France
February 1954 - April 2012
who created KCTC and was our leader, mentor, and most of all, our beloved friend
She will live through her great wealth of creations
and in the hearts and memories of all who knew and loved her

  France's freebies related to Kids & Cute Toons are now on KCTC FREEBIES. Her non Kid & Cute Toon related items are at her sharecg account. Please direct any questions to the contact info at KCTC Freebies. Thanks!

Thank you to all of you who supported Francemi's Freebies.

Yes, these gifts are for you!
We proudly host the following sites:
Trumarcar's TreasureChest
Toyyaris Designs
The late EnaR's Kommoden
Little Dragon's site including Furrette, Furaldo, & Starfox Crystal